Chilly Willy How to Order

Order with Chilly Willy

Follow the steps to when you order with us!

Step 1: choose your size
Step 2: add vanilla ice cream? $1.00 "optional"

Step 3: choose your syrup flavor (up to 3)
"Ask about sugar free"
ALL Top 6 Top 10 Chilly Favs
Step 4: choose a specialty combination


(strawberry & kiwi)


(strawberry, cheesecake, banana)


(wedding cake & cotton candy)

bird of paradise

(pina colada, mango, banana)

pond scum

(margarita, orange, blueberry)

bug guts

(very sour limeade)

bulldog berry

(blackberry, raseberry, strawberry)

frong in a blender

(tigers blood & lime)

fuzzy monkey

(banana & peach)


(tigers blood & blueberry)

fuzzy navel

(peach & orange)


(green apple & grape)

jolly rancher

(cherry, watermelon, green apple)

lighting mcqueen

(banana & cherry)

wildcat winter

(grape & silver fox)

choose a topping ($.50 each)

condensed cream

whipped cream

gummi worms


marshmallow cream

super sour spray

Step 5: Enjoy!